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The Lure of the Engagement Ring



You have been dating the person of your dreams for pretty some time now. You might or might not be staying together as a couple, either of the two has its own relationship complications; if you do not live as a couple, the feeling of being alone that flows through your heart every time your lover speaks the words "good bye" after a beautiful day well spent together motivates you to do more and every time you turn incorrectly to share with him or her your feelings, the blank space that meets you, rapidly turns your inspiration to do more into a resolve to do more now! For those who have taken their relationships a step further by moving in together.


Due to the loneliness touched each time a partner says good bye, different forms of pressures and feelings set in they might be the need to make your love official for the whole world to see or you both want to start a stable family. Whatever inspires you into finally making the first step to the most significant commitment you would ever make in your whole life might not be off significance but the sign which you must provide while taking this step is of the greatest importance - "The Engagement Ring".


Nowadays, buying wedding rings has now turn into the status quo of classifying yourself as one who is already taken and all set for marriage but have you ever played with the rock or band on your hand and believed about its history? Since it's not quantified in the bible or the oldest documents that give thorough interpretations of practices before marriage in time approved.


The famous engagement rings of the modern age had its beginning as recent as the 19th century and wasn't always a sign of unending affection, it was more or less the first part payment of the bride price to be funded to the bride's family but handed over and worn by the bride. It was a kind of insurance provided for the woman, in case the prospective partner which was always the man at that time separates the nuptial thereby compromising the woman's virtue and appeal to other men.


The real meaning and symbol of the engagement ring started shining through in the 20th century, when men gave their fianc?es a band that signified their love and intentions for a marriage union, the engagement ring shown that she had been taken.